Kellner's Services Practice works with wide range of services companies to help them close their talent gap on a timely manner to avoid any disruption for businesses in meeting their milestones to their clients as well.

Recruitment Solutions

Mass Recruitment

This service is mostly used for entry level positions

Talent Hunt

We provide our clients with curated top qualified selected talents

Executive Search

The most competitive talents available in the market

The Approach

Direct approach
Specific required talent to identify potential candidates who possess the relevant experience, qualifications, background, and personal characteristics to meet Client's requirements.
Each assignment from our Client will be treated in confidential manner as a high professional standard. We then prepare Client report on a regular basis to expedite the recruitment process.
Long term relationship with our client and candidates is our aim for future collaboration success. Our expertise in the reference chek background, negotiation of the offer package, the disengagement of the selected candidate from the talent current company, and the integration of the candidate into the client company are provided well.
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