Strive to be the most trusted partner for our client.

We curated our pool of, already highly selected, talents to meet their business requirements in terms of expertise, cultural match and overall conpensation requirements.
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Dedicated financial services teams

Our combined 15 years of experience in this industry enable us to deliver a credible list of potential candidates that are ready to hit the ground and running when joining our clients at day one.
Meeting your needs at every life stage

Industry focus

In the Indonesian market, our specialized Service Practice serve local and multi national companies with but not limited to service industries.

Direct approach

Specific required talent to identify potential candidates who possess the relevant experience, qualifications, background, and personal characteristics to meet Client's requirements.


Each assignment from our Client will be treated in confidential manner as a high professional standard. We then prepare Client report on a regular basis to expedite the recruitment process.


Long term relationship with our client and candidates is our aim for future collaboration success. Our expertise in the reference check background, negotiation of the offer package, the disengagement of the selected candidate from the talent current company, and the integration of the candidate into the client company are provided well.
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